WELCOME BACK TO TRIPLE TRIAD ADVANCE !! Many new things are lined up for 2014 and we hope you can join us. It is FUN and FREE TO PLAY !! There are NO DOWNLOADS AND NO MONTHLY FEES !! This IS Triple Triad at its finest.....Play with the best, play at TTA !

Welcome to Triple Triad Advance

Welcome to the next generation of Triple Triad.

This project was created with the intention of providing a FREE place to play Triple Triad online vs other players in real time in a web browser based environment. If you are looking for The Ultimate Triple Triad experience, you have found your home. Some features include:

  • Over 20 playable card decks to collect and use
  • All your favorite Triple Triad rules such as Same, Plus, Samewall, Pluswall, Combo, and Elemental
  • The Auction House where random cards are drawn daily and auctioned off to players
  • Player owned and operated card shops where cards can be bought and sold with others
  • TTA Quest, a fun RPG sidegame in which you can earn points and special cards for your account

For those that may not be familiar with playing Triple Triad, please be sure to check out the TUTORIAL which will provide you with everything you need to get started.

Recent Gossip


Where did everyone go?
There has been alot of whispering and rumors about a secret cult calling themselves the timber maniacs living in the rain forest that have been taking in new members.


The days are spent at required correction therapy sessions while the evenings are more festive with impromtu triple triad games played out in the center courtyard of the compound. One thing is certain, our doors remain open.






New Fall Look


Seems you caught us again..
Yes we have jumped out of our old skin and into a new one. We have done some updating on both what you see and what you don't. A few of the changes:

  • Update on the site template
  • Changed over all timers to Javascript
  • Auto refresh as an option in games
    (Available via 'My Account')
  • Weekly challenges and rewards right to your menu